Tanya Wilde

Romancing the Past

10 Swoony Romances

Romancing the past
Part of the Ladies Who Dare series:

2100 pages of Swoony Historical Romance, featuring USA Today Bestselling author Darcy Burke. Tropes include: friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, fake relationship, marriage of convenience, and second chance.

A Duke is Never Enough - Darcy Burke

Sparks fly between a seductive rake and a self-declared spinster spitfire. When he's suspected of murder, she may be his only hope for salvation—and love.

The Lover's Knot - Erin Satie

When the new Duke of Clive realizes that the suicide note written by his predecessor is a forgery, he suspects his ex-fiancée of foul play. As he investigates, he can't decide if he wants to bring her to justice or rekindle the great love of his life.

Dealing with the Viscount - Clair Brett

He seized a second chance to seduce the wife he thought dead . . . and claim the secret child he did not know was his.

What If I Still Loved You - Erica Taylor

After a chance meeting, Henry and Anna search the castle for a box of letters, but can this star-crossed pair find their way back to each other? Or will their second chance be lost to fate, again?

The Lost Lord - Carrie Lomax

A mysterious English nobleman, Lord Richard Northcote, has Miriam dreaming of adventures beyond her limited experiences. But is the promise in his kiss only a practiced lie?

An Earl For Ellen - Catherine Bilson

Orphaned and penniless, Ellen Bentley is astonished and relieved when the new Earl of Havers, her distant cousin, takes an interest in her welfare. She can't help falling in love with Thomas, but how can she compete with the beautiful, polished Lady Louisa?

The Spy's Fake Bride - Jackie Barbosa

To escape Napoleon's France, British agent Thomas Pearce and the woman he's been sent to rescue, Sabine Rousseau, must pretend to be amorous newlyweds. But it isn't long before neither of them is pretending and every night, there's only one bed.

Not Quite a Rogue - Tanya Wilde

A man on the edge of ruin… A lady who thirsts to be loved for more than her dowry… Temptation has never tasted this rich.

Hotel Oriente - Jennifer Hallock

Cub reporter Della will do anything to get her story. When her breadcrumb trail of scandal leads straight to the kitchen of Moss's floundering hotel, can he win Della's heart and keep his name out of the headlines?

Once a Fallen Lady - Eve Pendle

Handsome schoolteacher Alfred Lowe's disapproving gaze makes Lydia Taylor fear for her subterfuge of respectable widow and capable mother. But a seduction of kisses, books, and savory pies will tempt her to risk everything for love.

10 historical romances in one bargain, limited time only, anthology.


"Darcy Burke delivers sensual historical romance infused with charm, wit, intriguing characters, and the kind of period details that make the stories come alive." —Amanda Quick, A Duke is Never Enough

"Elegant historical romance" — Smart Bitches Trashy BooksThe Lover's Knot 

"The strength of this book, aside from the lyricism with which it describes Manila in what was arguably its heyday, is the intimacy between Della and Moss." — Kat at Book Thingo, Hotel Oriente 

"This being a second chance romance really made me fall in love with the story. There was so much chemistry between these characters I really enjoyed their love story. I love the fact that it was much different than the others in this novel." — Debbie at FreshFiction, What if I still Loved You

"Get this because it will just put a goofy smile on your face and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside." — The Butterfly Reader, Once a Fallen Lady

"Very intriguing and unexpected all of it. Tanya Wilde is the absolute best when it comes to dramatic historical romance books! Very highly recommended!!" — Shruti at Goodreads, Not Quite a Rogue

"Sexy, sexy and steamy. Wow, I really loved this book. I loved the characters, I loved the steamy (hot!) scenes and I loved the chase across two countries to deliver Sabine into safety. Very highly recommended." — Amazon reviewer, The Spy's Fake Bride 

"I was totally captivated from the first page and couldn't put the book down until I read the last word with incredible characters and a riveting story that included blackmail, betrayal, redemption and atonement." — Amazon reviewer, The Lost Lord

"I absolutely loved this book! The story line was well-paced and enjoyable. I definitely enjoyed this author - she has a gift of writing for this genre and I appreciate her stories very much. Grab a copy of this one and enjoy!" — Amazon reviewer, An Earl for Ellen

"I enjoyed the family theme and the addition of the three year old's episodes, nice touch. Exciting, entertaining and thrilling. Great story!" — Amazon reviewer, Dealing with the Viscount