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35 Wishes for You in 2021

35 Wishes for You in 2021


It’s my thirty-fifth year on earth today! Admittedly, at first, I did not think much about this number. Just another day, another year! But now, I’m a bit excited!

I recently watched a Marie Forleo video where she referenced this quote from Oliver Burkeman:

“The average human lifespan is absurdly, insultingly brief. Assuming you live to be 80, you have just over 4’000 weeks.”


How bloody crazy is that?!

I mean, can I get through my TBR pile in time? 😉

Regardless of how many weeks we have left, we should pounce on every single day with all our might! So I wrote thirty-five wishes for you (and myself) as a reminder of all the beautiful things we should focus on!


My 35 Wishes for You in 2021


1. Laughter every day
2. Great health
3. Buy as many books as your heart desires without a sliver of guilt!
4. Abundance
5. Unconditional love
6. Cake. Lots of cake
7. Soak in the sunshine
8. Breathe in the air of nature
9. Cultivate curiosity
10. Surround yourself with people (and books!) that make you feel good
11. A hot duke. Ahem!
12. Chase that dream
13. Growth (personal and business)
14. Stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone define your worth or your work
15. Beauty!
16. Never lose your light
17. Joyful times with family
18. Challenge your beliefs
19. Wealth
20. Explore yourself. Your body. Your mind. Your soul!
21. Binge read your favorite series again
22. Meaningful connections
23. True friendships
24. Tap into your creativity daily
25. A book Christmas tree!
26. Embrace quiet moments
27. Celebrate every win
28. Fire and marshmallows
29. Unshakable optimism
30. Lift others up
31. Embrace fun in your own unique way!
32. Face masks
33. Seek out daily adventures no matter how small
34. Good Wine. Good Coffee. Japanese Matcha tea. (Whatever floats your boat) with great conversations
35. Live every day with intention and purpose

Comment below if you have any wishes to add!

With Love,




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