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New Release

New Release: A Promise of Scandal

Dear Readers,

Poppy’s book is finally here and ready for download!

I’ve been working on Poppy and James’s story for a long time! Initially, I started writing their story before I wrote Willow’s book, The Perks of Being a Duchess. However, the start of A Promise of Scandal was so wild (there was a hitman and some chasing about town), I had to pivot some.

Let’s leave the hitmen for first drafts and action movies!

So what can you expect from A Promise of Scandal?

Well, as you know, when a Middleton causes a scandal, it’s never by half measures . . . A diabolical plot. Some sexy smooching. A villain or two.

Yes, Please!
A Promise of Scandal Tanya Wilde 600x911

Fortune favors the brave… Not the reckless.

Bold, daring, and questioning the meaning of life, Poppy Middleton embraces her impulsive nature and decides to pose as an actress to help a friend in an impossible situation. A diabolical plot is afoot, and Poppy is not about to let her friend face danger alone. But as all best-laid plans do, hers goes terribly awry when James Shaw steps onto the scene. An agent of the crown, James has the senses of a hawk, and Poppy will do anything to direct his attention elsewhere.

She will certainly not:

• Give him a tour of the theatre.
• Smack her lips against his.
• Get lost in a soul-stirring kiss.
• Fantasize about him when she should be helping her friend.
• Fall madly in love.



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